IWA Flight Computer for Simple and Precise Flight Navigation


Flight computer IWA-11092

Do you want to be competent as a pilot in all theoretical aspects of flight? The IWA flight computer will help you.
The flight computer IWA-11092 is a highly precise navigation instrument which is reliable and user friendly. It is manufactured to the exacting standards demanded by commercial pilot training organisations. It will make it easy to practice and to acquire the required theoretical knowledge for the pilot exam.

You can calculate the flight time, true airspeed (TAS) and true altitude (TA) in simple steps. In this way, you can determine and check all important flight data during a flight.

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In pilot training

As a student pilot is the use of the flight computer for the JAR-FCL exam allowed.

Right from the beginning of your training, you will work directly with the flight computer IWA-11092 and love it for its simplicity, precision, and ease of use. It will be your constant companion for all theoretical and practical lessons throughout the pilot training. In addition, the Aviation Calculator is approved as an aid in the pilot license exam, according to JAR-FCL. In this way, theory and practice come together and making pilot training more fun.

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